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Michael Cliffturd

I blog about boys, bands, and I'm a little sarcastic.. So don't take me seriously at all times :)

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*mic drop*
  • alcoholucas:


    calum: ”ashton’s like the.. dad-father.. in the band




    luke knows it too

  • mernermsmerkal:

    5sos need to go back to australia and grow their accents back and maybe ride a kangaroo or something.

  • Anonymous asked: Hey I'm starting high school soon Do you have any advice?


    yes sure I have some simple advice (i declare myself a high school expert now that im in grade twelve)

    Realize people change. People will change, people are going to change. You’re going to change. Yours and others attitudes, behaviors and values will change A LOT (I can’t stress this enough) throughout high school. You will lose friends, you will. But you will also make lots of friends. And if you can accept and embrace this, high school will be totally fine.

    Actually do the required homework (and if you’re not good at a subject, even do the homework that isn’t required since it’ll help you practice). Not doing homework is an A+ way to fail, since it’s usually worth 70% of your grade.

    Don’t be afraid you be yourself. It’s okay to tell people to go fuck themselves. It’s okay to end a friendship that was negatively impacting you. It’s okay to dress the same or different as everyone else. It’s okay to be a little too loud, it’s okay to be a little too quiet. it’s okay to do you!! (wow life lessons or high school tips smh I’m getting deep)

    If you’re gonna be late to school, you might as well be really fucking late because the school will penalize you the same way, doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50 minutes late, you get the same punishments.

    Don’t be an asshole to your teachers.. just don’t.. they’re gonna hate you.. the students will hate you for being disruptive.. just.. don’t be an asshole to a teacher unless they’re an asshole to you (and no, them taking your phone for using it instead of paying attention or telling you to stop talking during their lesson doesn’t make them an asshole), because they’re just trying to do their jobs.

    If you can, actually eat breakfast, because holy shit it makes an actual difference. Same with eating lunch. Just eat to stay fueled bc I know if I’m in class and hungry I do not pay attention.

    Don’t be afraid to go to your teachers for help (if you have a rude teacher, try going to a separate teacher who is nice and teaches the same subject). Like, if you don’t understand, it’s better to ask for help and learn to understand it than to fail a test and have a teacher realize that now you need help.

    If you’re allowed, bring headphones, you will need them. Don’t pull out a pack of gum when people are looking. Don’t rat out people who cheat on tests because 88% of the population have cheated on a test who cares tbh. Learn sneaky ways to use your phone- don’t have full brightness when doing this either.

    Lockers are helpful, no one likes ppl with big ass backpacks in the way. Don’t stop and stand in the middle of the hallway (you will b killed). Don’t start drama it’ll stress you out, just be real and blunt with people.

    Remember, your mental health comes before school work. Seriously.

  • My Wedding Speech

    • Me: I'm in love with this guy so much. He's so handsome and cute. He's crazy and weird. He's funny. He's talented and when I'm sad or angry he can always cheer me up.
    • Guests: Awwwwwww
    • Me: But unfortunately I can't marry Michael Clifford so I'm stuck with this little shit
5 Seconds of Summer at HMV signing - July 1st // cred
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@Ashton5SOS: Bring a milkshake to work day @Michael5SOS